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There were many teachers who were our great joy and great terror at HGS. Not all were known to each of us, and their fates have been many and varied. A few photos are still missing. Here we recount what we know, and ask that those who might share more with us do so.

For those of you who knew him, the late Cory Cramer's exceptional story may be of special interest.

We recognize that some names may have been left out. To add your information, send email to: Dick Hutchinson at or John Mordes at .

Lastly, knowing that not only teachers were responsible for our education, we have included photos of the Kitchen Crew and Janitors with whom many of us worked, and of the office staff.

A. Austin Albert Mr. Albert

Mr. Albert retired from teaching Latin at the end of the 1996 school year.

Arma Austinumque cano...


The lower picture was taken at Hopkins on October 2, 2005. What an enduring and inspiring smile!

Bill Bakke Mr. Bakke Mr. Bakke was as of 1999 the school's business manager.
Helen Barton Miss Barton Miss Barton, devoted admirer of Homer and Dickens, passed away not long after we graduated. She was also a good friend of Walter Camp we are told! The writing skills she taught have served some of us very well over the years and across the wine dark seas.
Christian Born Mr. Born No information available.
Ed Brown Mr. Brown in 1965 Mr. Brown (Biology) left Hopkins in the '70s to coach college varsity basketball at Southern Connecticut State University. He retired from coaching in the '80s. Sadly, he passed away in about 1990.
Stanley Brym Mr. Brym A teacher of Physics, Mr. Brym came to HGS from industry in 1964 or so, and, we think, vanished back to industry in 1965.
Corwith Cramer Mr. Cramer, photo from the 1962 HGS yearbook Cory Cramer (History) did some amazing things after he left Hopkins in about 1962, sailing the seven seas, getting written up in the National Geographic, and founding the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where he worked until his untimely death in 1983.

Mr. Cramer's story after Hopkins is very much the story of the Sea Education Association. Click here to learn about his fascinating post-Hopkins history.

Karl Crawford Mr. Crawford in 1965 Karl Crawford in 1990Mr. Crawford retired from teaching at Hopkins in June 2002, but continued to run the Summer Program for some time.

The picture to the right shows Karl with Marc Lendler and our Class Yearbook at our 25th reunion dinner in 1990.

Mr. Crawford died on July 13, 2005 after a long illness. Here is his obituary.

  From the New Haven Register, July 31, 2005

Karl Crawford, retired Hopkins School teacher, passed away on July 13,  2005 after a long battle with cancer. He was 74. A resident of New Haven since 1956, Crawford was born on April 16, 1931 in Camden,  Maine. He graduated from York High School (Maine) in 1949 and served  as a submariner in the Navy during the Korean War. He attended the University of Alabama on the GI Bill from 1954 to 1956 where he became a member of the Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honors Society and worked in the Civil Rights movement. In 1956, he transferred to Yale College and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Modern European History in 1958. Upon graduation, Crawford took a job with Singer Manufacturing, but returned to New Haven in 1960 where he worked for Winchester Repeating Arms. After being laid off from Winchester in 1962, Crawford was employed by Hopkins Grammar School as a Russian and History teacher.

During Crawford's 40 year tenure at Hopkins, he served in various positions including Head of the Junior School, Soccer and Swimming coach, and Director of Hopkins Summer School which he began in 1969. In the early 1980's, Crawford created the Yale-Hopkins Russian Studies Institute, a summer program designed to train U.S. secondary school teachers about Russian history, geography, and culture in an effort to better relations between the United States and the then Soviet Union. He worked closely with the staff at the Russian Mission in New York City and the Russian Mission School in the Bronx. For his efforts, Crawford was invited by former president Jimmy Carter in 1985 to work as an advisor to the program, Consultation on International Security and Arms Control, at Emory University. As Director of the Hopkins Summer School, Crawford worked closely with the New Haven and Bridgeport communities to bring a more diverse student body to the school. With the support of former student and Hopkins alumnus Arnold West of Hartford, the Hopkins Summer School Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 to ensure that even more students could attend the Summer School. As a teacher, Crawford had a reputation for having high standards and for being fair. He took personal interest in all of his students and always found time to  provide extra help or counseling even though, in addition to his employment at Hopkins, he also worked as an Adjunct Professor for Southern Connecticut State University, The University of New Haven, and Sacred Heart University. He encouraged his students to think "outside of the box" and "help others through service."

Upon Crawford's retirement from Hopkins in 2002, he remained active. Throughout his residency in New Haven, he always found ways to participate in city service activities. He had a great passion for the New Haven Free Public Library and served on its Library Board for a number of years. In 2004, he became a member of the Library's Patron Board whose principal function is to help raise funds for the library system. In the spring of 2005, Crawford was asked to become a Trustee of the Globe Institute of Technology in New York City, a four-year college whose mission is to provide an education to students from diverse backgrounds, including those who have been traditionally under-represented in higher education. Crawford in survived by two brothers, Michael Crawford of Ohio and Donald Crawford of Massachusetts, a sister, Cynthia Gallant of Florida, and his daughter,  Dr. Holly Crawford of New Jersey.

The family asks that donations be made to either the Connecticut Hospice at 100 Double Beach Road, Branford, Connecticut 06405 or to the Karl Crawford Scholarship Fund, c/o Hopkins School, 986 Forest Road, New Haven, Connecticut, 06515.

A memorial in Mr. Crawford's honor was held on October 2, 2005. Click here to see the photo album.

Edward R. De Noyon Mr. Denoyon in 1965 Souvenir, souvenir, que me veux-tu...?

Mr. De Noyon was our long time teacher of French and editor of The Razor. The latter work gained him a Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Key Award in 1969. He was a master of formality and detail.

Mr. De Noyon died at 93. Here is his obituary.

West Hartford - Edward Roseman De Noyon (Denio), 93, of 2021 Albany Avenue, formerly of New Haven, died October 24, 1999. He was the husband of Elizabeth Warren De Noyon. Mr. De Noyon retired in 1973 as senior master and head of foreign languages at Hopkins Grammar Country Day Prospect Hill School of New Haven. He previously taught in Vermont, New Jersey, Ohio and at Yale University. In addition to his wife, he leaves a daughter, Margaret D. Saadeh of Simsbury a stepson, Kurt L. Hiete of Pacific Palisades, California; sisters, Margaret B. Denio of Charlotte, Vt., Roseman D. Hammond of Sebring, Florida and Alice D. Rulison of Hialeah, Florida; four grandchildren and five step-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his first wife, Helen Bradley De Noyon and a son, Edward Bradley De Noyon.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Burt Erich Mr. Erich in 1965 Mr. Erich was born in New Haven, January 19, 1919. He graduated from the Hopkins in 1938 and later taught mathematics and served as swim team coach and athletic director at Hopkins until his retirement in 1983. He was a cross harbor swim champion for 5 consecutive years in the 1930's and continued swimming with the Senior Masters Swim Program. Mr. Erich graduated from Springfield College, Class of 1942. During WW II he served in the US Coast Guard as a Chief Boatswains Mate Specialist and was an assistant to former heavy weight boxing champ Cmdr. Jack Dempsey. He ran the Erich Boy's Day Camp in East Haven for 16 summers, was a member of the First Church of Christ of Woodbridge, and he was a recipient of the New Haven Boys Club "Gold Ring". He retired to Englewood, Florida in 1983 but continued his involvement at Hopkins by attending annual  reunions. He took much pleasure in greeting his many former students and colleagues. The pool in the Walter Camp Athletic Center at Hopkins is named for him.

"Bud" Erich died at 87 on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 in Venice, Florida.

Paul Fossett Mr. Fossett Mr. Fossett retired in 1997.
Sarah Fought Ms. Fought


Mrs. Fought in later life

In later years

We received the following news about the death of Mrs. Fought (Spanish) in January, 2004 from her family:

"I'm afraid I have some sad news about our mother, Sarah Seastone Fought, who was a teacher at Hopkins Grammar School in 1965 and is listed on the Teacher page for your class.

Our mother died of a respiratory illness on September 23, 2003. She had settled in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania where she had worked at the college there for many years. Most recently, she had been working at the "Math Forum," a web site devoted to mathematics education. She has a memorial page there at this address (where some of her photography is also archived):


If you like, feel free to provide a link to it from your page. She was very enthusiastic about the internet and the world wide web in particular."

Vaya con Dios, Sra. Quizás nos vemos otra vez.

Kamen Ganchev Mr. Ganchev Kamen Ganchev came to us from Bulgaria, taught Russian, and seemed to vanish as completely as the Soviet Union did later.

In October, 1999 Karl Crawford told us that Mr. Ganchev passed away not long after leaving Hopkins.

  In July, 2017 we unexpectedly received the following information about Mr. Ganchev. The story was remarkable and unknown to us when we were his students: It was sent by Charles Tharp:

"I was doing a search on the net for Kamen Ganchev Jr. and came across your reference to Prof. Kamen Ganchev on your site.  As I live here in Baltimore I thought I'd take a minute to add some possible information on your vanished Russian teacher. If he's the same Kamen Ganchev, and the picture looks right, he went on to join the Slavic Studies Dept at Yale where he taught Eastern European languages. His son Kamen [Jr.] was in my Yale class, 1972. 

I knew them well enough to have been at their house in New Haven and hear their remarkable background. Dr. Ganchev was a young royalist in the diplomatic corps before WWII-- a junior attaché in Rome when the war broke out. As an anti-fascist he was soon summoned home. He met his future wife at the Sofia Opera House, where she was a rising presence. In New Haven she would sometimes give impromptu recitals, but the story of her singing career was not a happy one.  After the war the Ganchevs were not Soviet sympathizers, and Mme G now a star resisted Russian invitations to perform for their generals.  Likewise, Dr. Ganchev's diplomatic career ended and he retreated into academe. 

Eventually they were able to emigrate as political refugees. Is it possible that Hopkins School assisted in finding them their first home in the States? 

I have not been in touch with the Ganchevs in 30+ years, but my recollection of their remarkable story remains vivid. Dr. Ganchev was a brave and underrated man.

I hope that this outline helps fill in a lacunae in your records.

Sincerely,  Charles Tharp."

Varick Harrison Mr. Harrison in 1965

Varick "Rick" Harrison retired from teaching Latin in 1996. He continues to live in Essex and sails on the Sound whenever possible, we are told.


The lower picture was taken at Hopkins on October 2, 2005.

Tom Hayden Mr. Hayden In January, 1999, Don Saunders wrote: "Tom Hayden taught at Phillips Exeter and handled college admissions for a time. He was doing admissions work at Oberlin College the last time I heard from him."
John Heath Mr. Heath in 1965

John Heath at our 25th reunion in 1990.

John Heath (Math) retired from teaching but long remained involved in the affairs of the school.

He never did publish that experimental "new math" textbook that introduced us to set theory long before it was fashionable, but not that long before Fermat's last theoren was proven. The picture to the left  shows Mr. Heath with Marc Lendler at our 25th reunion in 1990.

The new student common at Hopkins that opened in 2003 has been named the "Heath Common."

Mr. Heath died on August 17, 2004. He was about 86.

Ib Jorgensen Mr. Jorgensen in 1965 Ib Jorgensen is retired but continues to live in the area and participates in school activities.
Paul Kittredge Mr. Kittredge in 1965 Mr. Kittredge died in the early 1990's.
Alan Locke Mr. Locke in 1965 Alan Locke (English), an exchange teacher of English in our senior year, returned to the UK after our graduation. We have no information about him
Michael Luther Mr. Luther Of Mr. Luther (Mathematics), who said his voice could be heard across a mile of open water, we know nothing new or lacking in congruence.
William MacDermott Mr. Macdermott in 1965 . William MacDermott, after receiving the dedication of our Yearbook, went on to coach football at Wesleyan, and thence the New York Giants, the Canadian Football League, the World Football league, and California Polytechnic Institute.

We received more news of Mr. MacDermott from Bill Walik in December, 1998:

"Last week my son Connar and myself went into Seattle (living on an Island you don't drive to, you go to), to visit with Bill Mac Dermott (Mr. Mac). I had not seen him since 1972, so it was a thrill to reconnect. He is still in Coaching. This year with the San Diego Chargers. It was very nice spending a couple of hours swapping mostly football stories and working back over the past two + decades. As you could imagine he was very much a gentlemen. Connar is a senior this year on Bainbridge, and one of his top choices is Cal Poly. Mac coached there in the late 80's, so it was nice to get a full report on the school. If you\par run into some HGS Wrestling/Football alumni, mention that Mac is fine and except for a few pounds, still very, much a gentle man.

Then we received more news from  Bill Walik in December, 2002. Bill MacDermott is now the offensive line coach of the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. They were in the Grey Cup match, but lost 25-16 to Montreal in 2002. In the off season he lives in San Diego with his wife and young daughter.

Mrs. McAvoy Mrs. McAvoy Mrs. McAvoy has, sadly, vanished from our consciousness along with her first name which was not recorded in our yearbook.
Evans Meinecke


Mr. Meinecke in 1965


Evans "Dutch" Meinecke came to HGS from Loomis where he received a faculty appointment in 1945. He was a graduate of Duke university (1944) and did graduate work at Brown the following year. He taught English, French, and German at Loomis.

He was dismissed from the HGS faculty a few years after we graduated amidst allegations of pederasty that were later the subject of an investigation. We did not know that at the time, but we all knew him to be a martinet.

It was said that he had moved to teach at an all girls school in Boca Raton, Florida, but it was only in August 2006 that a former student of his from the '80s wrote us with more accurate information.

"I was reading the teacher updates on your Hopkins Grammar School Class of 1965 website. I can provide some additional information on Evans Meincke. He was my Honors English teacher at St. Andrews School in Boca Raton, FL in 1980-1981 (my junior year of H.S.). Mr. Meinecke taught English at St. Andrews in the 1970's and 1980's. I know he left the school in the the mid-1980's, but I am uncertain as to exact dates that he taught at St. Andrews.

A correction: St. Andrews is not an all-girls school; in fact, it was originally an all-boys high school. (It was already co-ed when I attended in the late 1970's/early 1980's.) Currently, the school covers K through senior year of high school."

Meinecke was named in a report concerning sexual assault at Hopkins and at St. Andrew's. Click here to read the news article in the New Haven Register.

He died in 2006

Ralph Mertens Mr. Mertens in 1965 Ralph Mertens, one of the gentlest of men, has passed away.
James Mulholland Mr. Mulholland in 1965 Of Jim Mulholland, teacher of physics, we had no information until we heard this from Don Saunders in January, 1999. "Mulholland left HGS after the '66-'67 year and ultimately went to the University of Delaware where he earned a Ph.D. in history. With his scientific background the concentration was in technical and industrial history. He taught for many years at North Carolina State University in Raleigh and retired in June, 1998 at the age of 63."

Bob Seldon spoke with him in the spring of 1999. His address is 1400 Kent Rd., Raleigh NC 27606l tel: 919 851-5073. As of 1999, he had no email address!

Ken Paul Mr. Paul Ken Paul has retired. His son, Ken, Jr. '68 remains extremely active in school affairs, and two grandsons and a granddaughter have attended Hopkins.

He attended the dedication of the Malone Science Center in October, 1999 and our 45th reunion.

Mr. Paul died on June 29, 2015. Here is the obituary from the New Haven Register:

  Kenneth Albert Paul, Sr., age 88, of Milford passed away on Monday, June 29, 2015 in Milford Hospital. He was born on December 26, 1926 in Poughkeepsie, NY to the late Mary Edgar and Albert Edwin Paul. He was the beloved husband of the late Dorothy Purdy Paul for 52 years. Mr. Paul proudly served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. Before retiring, he was a longstanding teacher and varsity coach for Hopkins School in New Haven from 1949 to 1971 and Detroit Country Day School in Farmington, MI from 1973 to 1991. He was an active parishioner in the First United Church of Christ Congregational in Milford. Mr. Paul is survived by his devoted children Kenneth A. Paul, Jr. and his wife Holly of Trumbull, Deborah Paul of Gloucester, MA and Leslie Paul Dickson and her husband Michael of Springfield, IL, grandchildren Heather Paul Mokotoff and her husband Gregory, Andrew Paul and his wife Beth, Casey Paul and his wife Heidi, Matthew Dickson, Michelle Dickson Curby and her husband Lee and Brett Dickson and his wife Brittany and great grandchildren Jackson, Evelyn, Olivia, Marshall, Samantha, Nolan and Carter. He is predeceased by his brothers Stanley and Howard Paul. Calling hours are Thursday, July 2, 2015 from 5 to 8pm at the Smith Funeral Home, 135 N Broad St., Milford. A prayer service will be held during the calling hours. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his name to Hopkins School, 986 Forest Rd., New Haven, CT 06515.
Commander Ernest Peterson Mr. Peterson Commander Ernest Peterson has retired but remains active in school affairs.
Howard Preston Mr. Preston in 1965 Mr. Preston retired from teaching French in 1985 and lived in New Hampshire. He died on March 5, 2007. His obituary is below.

Souvenir, souvenir, que me veux tu?

In June, 2006 we received this nice note from his daughter:

"Hello, My father is Howard M. Preston, who taught for many years at Hopkins. Nice photo. I found your site today and thought I would let you know that he lives in Wilton New Hampshire and you can contact his son, my brother at who lives near my father. 

Margaret Preston"


In June, 2007 Tom Delaney  received the following:

Dear Tom, I am Marice Dorsey, Hopkins '85.  I was wandering around Hopkins web stuff and found the news and link on your site about Mr. Howard Preston.  I was one of his students in the early 80s and one of the last of his debaters before he retired.  He was great. 

I am sad to let you know that I emailed his son and found that Mr. Preston unfortunately passed away in March of this year (2007).  I have attached the beautiful obituary that his son sent me.   

I'm also sending the news to the Alumni Office in case they haven't gotten it.  I thought I'd let you know so that you can include it on your class web site.   By the way -- your class website is phenomenal.  We should all be so web-literate and organized!  

Best, Marice


Howard M. Preston, 86, of Wilton New Hampshire died on March 5, 2007 with his wife Shirley Cornish Preston and family members at his side. Born in Kent, CT to Howard M. Preston and Harriet Seger Preston, he lived most of his childhood in Dover Plains, New York  He graduated from Yale University in 1943 where he studied languages including French, Spanish and Portuguese. He joined the U.S. Naval Officer Corp and became a Lieutenant Commander while serving as Communications Officer on Naval destroyers in the North Atlantic during World War II.  At the end of the war he returned to Yale University and received a Masters Degree in French Literature in 1948.

Soon afterwards his long teaching career began as a French and Spanish professor at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia.  During the Koran War Howard interrupted his teaching to reenlist in the US Navy and work in communications in Washington, D.C.  

His teaching resumed at Wilton High School, Wilton NH, and then he spent many years at Hopkins Grammar School in New Haven CT where he taught French. After earning a M.A. in  US History at Wesleyan University, he taught  U.S. History, Urban Studies and American social and intellectual history for which he is well remembered by many students as a challenging teacher. He also led the Hopkins Debate team to win the regional debates for 11 years, and assisted in a variety of athletic programs and library acquisitions.

His knowledge was vast and his interests diverse and numerous; literature, languages and reading, government and current affairs, apples, horticulture and gardening, agricultural innovations, all animals - both wild and farm animals, sailing, polar explorations, canoeing the ponds of New England, and seeing young people succeed were only a handful. During retirement, Howard enjoyed volunteering at the Gregg Free Library in Wilton and traveling in an RV to fairs and through back roads with his wife. He took great interest in the learning and adventures of his children, grandchildren and other young people.

He is survived by his wife of 63 years, his children Ann Taylor of Harvard MA, Susan Boland of Pomfret Center, CT, Margaret Preston of Boston MA and Saigon, VN, H. Alan Preston of Wilton NH, Brenda Snow of Brookfield, VT, and eight grandchildren. 

He was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. His love, companionship, and capacity to learn and teach will be long treasured and greatly missed by all his family. A family memorial service will be held at a later date. To honor his memory the family asks that you teach a child or learn something yourself with an open mind. Contributions in his memory can be made to the Gregg Free Library in Wilton, NH

Ken Raynor Mr. Raynor in 1965

Ken Raynor has retired to New Caanan, CT.

Verveile doch, du bist so schön.

Victor Reid Mr. Reid in 1965 Victor Reid, a beloved teacher of English, died of cancer soon after we graduated. Some of us, mindful of his witty and thoughtful teaching and the tickets to symphony he so often proffered, sought him out at the end. He wished us Godspeed on our own journeys. For some of us, he was an early experience of loss.
Herb Richmann Mr. Richmann in 1965 Herb Richmann could teach a stone to sing. None of us will forget his piano accompaniment every day as we sang the morning hymn. Some of us were privileged to hear him play Bach organ fugues in recital, filling a church with an other worldly sound. His music lives on in some of us.

He retired in 1991 and moved to Payson, AZ.

On May 27, 2008, Mr. Richmann's sister, Helen R. Kerf, wrote us to say that Herb later "moved from Payson to Tucson and lived with his brother, Jim Richmann, until the time of his death. He died on June 17, 2006. He is buried in the Richmann family plot in West Alexandria,  Ohio."

Ave atque vale. Lux perpetua luceat tibi.

Ken Rood Mr. Rood in 1965 Ken Rood retired at 75, but still came to school functions. Do the words, "Bless O Lord this food to our use, and to Thine kind and loving service, in Christ's name we ask it," seem familiar?
  Mr. Rood died on May 24, 2012. Ave atque vale. Lux perpetua luceat tibi.  Here is the obituary from the New Haven Register:

Kenneth Hopkins Rood, beloved husband, father, grandfather,brother, teacher, and friend, entered peacefully into rest on May 24, 2012 in the comfort of his home, surrounded with love. Kenneth was born on March 21, 1916 in Litchfield County Hospital, the firstborn son of Emma Hopkins Rood and Myles Humphrey Rood. Ken was a graduate of Avon Old Farms and completed his undergraduate work at Williams College with a B.A. in History. He received his Master's Degree in Education from the University of Chicago and went on to teach at the Lolani School in Honolulu, Hawaii. While there, he received his draft notice. After a brief visit home to Connecticut, he began his military service in the Army Medical Corps, stationed in Guadalcanal. Upon honorable discharge from the Army, Ken began post-graduate work at Yale, with the intention of eventually "teaching his way around the world." Initially intending to supplement his GI Bill funding, he applied for a teaching position at the Hopkins School. Ken soon found that he did not have to travel the world to find the two loves of his life; they were found in New Haven at Hopkins and in Shelton, where he met his soul mate and wife of 64 years, Nancy Nettleton Rood, who predeceased him this past August. Ken remained at Hopkins for his entire career until he retired at the age of 70, but returned often to work on the school archives. He was a history teacher, coach, advisor, and served as Principal of the Junior School. He will be remembered fondly by countless students, fellow faculty members, and families. Ken believed that a school was both a community and a family, and he and his family's weekends were spent attending plays, concerts, and sporting events. Ken's commitment to his community extended to various organizations throughout New Haven and the Valley, including the Boys and Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley, the Church of the Good Shepherd, Hewitt Memorial Hospital, and the Shelton Parks and Recreation Department. Ken possessed an abiding love of nature and the outdoors and was a staunch supporter of the Audubon and National Wildlife Foundations. He also loved the beach and enjoyed his annual vacations to the Weekapaug Inn in Rhode Island. Kenneth is survived by his loving family: his daughter, Judy Rood Bosch and son-in-law Ralph A. Bosch, Jr. of Trumbull, his granddaughter Kathryne Bosch of Seymour, his brother Robert T. Rood of Hamden, and his sister Elizabeth A. Rood of Farmington, as well as many beloved friends. As much as Ken will be missed by so many whose lives he touched, we may comfort ourselves in the knowledge that he is joined with his beloved Nancy once again.

Friends may call on Tuesday, May 29th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Riverview Funeral Home, 390 River Road, Shelton, CT. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, May 30th at 11:00 a.m. at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 186 Coram Avenue, Shelton, CT. Burial with full military honors will follow at Riverside Cemetery in Shelton. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Kenneth's memory through the funeral director to the Hopkins School, the Church of the Good Shepherd, or the Boys and Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley. Offer condolences online at www.riverviewfh.com

Don Saunders Mr. Saunders in 1965 Don Saunders, a devoted student of history, left Hopkins around 1970. He is now retired and living in Boulder, CO with his wife Griff. In January, 1999 he wrote, "I'm still a Democrat but I think that Clinton has done the party and the nation a real disservice."

John Mordes writes: "After leaving Hopkins, Don took a position in the Department of History at Ohio University in Chillicothe, near the Ohio River. He stayed there until his retirement, become a fixture of the campus, guiding many disadvantaged but eager students to bright careers. He was one of very few Master's degree holders to be accorded tenure at a University. My wife's family being from Ohio, I often visited Don in Chillicothe, enjoyed his hospitality, and fed his voracious appetite for news of us, the school, and the East! We remain in touch to this day, and I believe he would be delighted to hear from any of our classmates. His address is 370 Auburn Street, Boulder, CO 80303-5302."


In February, 2003, Don wrote,

"Dear John,
           I appreciate being on the e-mail list. I do look at the site periodically and I always enjoy reading about members of the Class of '65. I am doing well as is Griff. I'm not very keen on Bush II's adventures and I think the American public is growing very edgy about this administration.  However, I am writing this from a liberal area and I'm afraid it is not always in touch with trends even in our own state.
           Recently I read that former Mayor Dick Lee had died. He certainly was an urban leader in the 60s and I have wondered if New Haven has made any progress in the fight against urban blight since the federal money dried up. This region has had some cut backs and budget reductions by the legislature in the past two years. Even here in Boulder, real estate prices stabilized and  dropped a bit after a long period of growth.   
     Best Wishes, Don"

Don has email: Donsaundersgriff@aol.com

F. Allen Sherk Mr. Sherk in 1965 After HGS, our former headmaster lived at "Evergreen Woods" in North Branford, CT. He endured until his death at 84 on Tuesday, Septermber 1, 1998. There were many things we did not know about him. His New Haven Register obituary is reprinted in part below.
  "F. Allen Sherk, 84, a former headmaster of Hopkins School, died Tuesday at Evergreen Woods Health Center, 88 Notch Hill Road. He was the husband of Margaret "Polly" Bradley Sherk. Son of the late Elgin and Henrietta Smith Sherk, he was born in Amherst, MA, September 19, 1913 and grew up in Teheran, Iran. He graduated from Yale University in 1936. He was headmaster of Hopkins from 1953 to 1974, and taught at Foote School and Milton Academy, Milton, MA

Mr. Sherk was president of the New Haven Rotary Club, chairman of the New Haven Board of Zoning Appeals, member of the board of directors of the New Haven Boys Club, member of the Mayor's Open Space Committee, the New Haven South Centra CT Regional Planning Authority, and vice-president of the Branford Planning and Zoning Commission.

He was an official at Yale home track meets, a member of teh committee to choose alumni candidates for the Yale Corporation and chairmanof class agents for Yale class of 1936. He received an nonorary master of arts degree from Yale in 1961.

He was also president of the Pine Orchard Association, Branford Historical Society, and Royal Grant Corporation.

He was vice president of the Country Day Headmasters' Association, treasurer of the Headmasters' Association, president of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools and charter member and president of the Connecticut Foundation of Independent Schools.

Besides his wife, he is survived by a son, Truman Sherk of Branford; daughters, susan Sherk of St. Johns, Newfoundland, and Ellen Walsh of Yarmouth, ME; a brother, Donald Sherk of Peterborough, NH, and three grandchildren. He was predeceased by a sister, Sylvia Hubbel."

To learn more about what kind of man Allen Sherk was, read Michael Lopez' page.

John Skillman Mr. Skillman We have no word of Jack Skillman (English) or the literary friends to whom he introduced us.

John Mordes remembers him musing on the future of humanity on the day the Cuban Missile Crisis was at its most uncertain

Arthur Tyrol Mr. Tyrol in 1965 Arthur Tyrol left Hopkins around 1968 to teach math at Hamden High School from which he has retired.
Peter Wells Mr. Wells in 1965 Peter Wells is still teaching English on the hill, or was in the late 1990s.
Mrs. Telford Workman Mrs. Workman in 1965 Mrs. Telford Workman was our librarian. Her card in our catalog has, sadly, been misplaced.
Les Wrigley Mr. Wrigley in 1965 Les Wrigley (chemistry) retired in 1996. He remains active in school activities.
Others Gone before 1965

No photos available.

Of Mr. Arthur Bluett, Mr. Alfred E Youman, and "Mrs. Edmondson." we have little recollection and no information.
Kitchen Crew   The Kitchen Crew in 1965
Maintenance Lou and Bill we know have passed away. We don't know (in 2006) about the others. The janitorial staff in 1965
Office Staff No information. Volunters in 1965

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Sources: John Mordes, Dick Hutchinson, Bob Schulz, Dana Blanchard, the Sea Education Association, Don Saunders, the press, and emails as indicated..