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HGS '65 *** 35th Reunion *** May 12-13, 2000!

Our 35th reunion was a pretty grand success! Here's a bit of an archive with text from Hutch and photos from Romero, Schulz and Mordes. We'll try to make it prettier over the summer.

There were 24 of us on Friday or Saturday or both. That was nearly half the surviving class--God bless us one and all. And a lot of people who would have liked to attend but couldn't for various reasons checked in and updated us.

Have a look at what we did and at some folks unseen for 35 years. And think about coming to #40--we haven't all that many chances left!

The Class of '65 after dinner on May 13, 2000

Left to right: Mordes, Jose, Hutch, Mack, Milstone, Cherniavsky, Clark, Romero, Waterman, Hentz, MacArthur, Gamble, Esposito, Delaney, Alderman. Roger Poor is obscured by Cherniavsky. Click for a larger version.

Reunion activities started early morning Friday May 12th at the Yale Golf Course. Tommy Burkhard - in from San Diego via Washington D.C. - and Herb Stocking – in from Salem, MA, joined local attorney Bill Sarris and Spinnaker Financial’s Jimmy Waterman. Tommy took honors with a 74 [Navy life is tough on the golf game] while Bill tail-ended with a 92. Bill’s score was superb, given his new hip and the fact he has only been playing golf [5 tennis letters] for a year. Disappointing was Herb’s 85 – our old tennis Captain, who once scorched the Yale course with low 70’s back in the 60’s.
Somewhere in the mix we learned that another Bill – Kneisel – has agreed to take the reigns of the Hopkins Trustees, as President, for the next four years. Bill had a medical emergency in the family that he had to attend to and was unable to attend the Reunion. But, he’ll be easy for us to find before the next Reunion. He’ll be on “The Hill” anytime you’re in town.

Around 5:30 that Friday, the golfers met up with the rest of the cast [class] at Tycoons for drinks, dinner and great talk.

In the backdrop Eddie Malone [HGS ’41 who went to school with Delaney’s dad at Hillhouse] acted as host and Debbie Schulz [Bob’s sister ] cooked our dinners, making it a more special night.



Things jumped into gear quickly when Mark Esposito snipped off Bob Jose’s tie. Most of us were shocked, but ties were definitely “taboo” and Mark was not without accomplices [aka Delaney, Romero, et al]. Espo snips Bob's favoite tie (the only tie worn that night)!
Jose, Waterman, and Esposito. For many of us, it was our first chance to see Mark in 35 years. Photo by Bob Schulz
Waterman, Hutch, and Stocking
Dick Hentz and Steve Scully, 35 years on.
Bob Seldon flew in again from California and is seen here with Bill Sarris.
Randy [LimitTrader, 230 Park,NYC] and Lisa Burwell drove in from Port Washington, NY. Both from the investment banking world, they are more than avid sailors who have campaigned racing sailboats [ the Tripp, Breakaway]. Randy also told of some of his exploits in commanding Rangers in Vietman; a sharp contrast to some of us draft dodgers.
Dick Hentz and Herb Stocking, 35 years on.
There were some very special surprises.
  • Greg Cook [Cook Consulting, Essex, CT] and
  • Steve Scully [Ph.D. Professor, Boston University, Classics]

were back for the first time since they left Hopkins after their third form years. Back in 1962, Greg headed for California and Steve went the boarding school route.

Steve is with Dick Hentz, back with us for the first time in 35 years.

Jose, Cook, Espo and Lendler. Photo by Doug Romero

A few hearty souls were up early on Saturday morning [9:00 am] May 13th to run the cross-country course.

John Mordes joined Gordie Clark and Roger Poor for this early morning event. The images are pre and post race.

Clark, Mordes, Milstone in front of the relocated headmaster's house, before the race

Clark, Mordes, Milstone, after the race

During the day Saturday, which was New England overcast and cool, John Cherniavsky and his wife Maria [and son and mother-in-law] toured the campus along with Jeff Alderman [and his nephew], Alan Milstone , Bob Seldon and Hutch. Great debates raged over conservation, politics and the mysteries of Alan Sherk’s regime. Most, along with John Mordes joined the presentation by the Special Alum, a neurologist from California.

The image shows Alan Milstone and Roger Poor in front of the new Malone Science Center.

Cocktails were served at 6 and dancing commenced at 8. Karl Crawford was our host for the night, while Dr. Heath and Ib Jorgenson and Ken Paul Sr./Jr., added that old time flavor. While the noise was a little much for we geezers, we are already planning a better 2005 – where we’ll spend Saturday night at one of our homes, with a great barbeque.

HGS '65 before cocktails. Left to right: Cherniavsky, Alderman, Poor, Romero, Karl Crawford, Jose, Hutch Clark, Burkhard, Delaney, Mack, Mordes, Waterman

John Heath and Ken Paul remembered us all!

John Heath is with Gordy Clark, Alan Milstone, and Roger Poor.

Ken is with Tommy Burkhard, Dout Romero and his wife Pat, Tom Delaney, Clark, and Alan Milstone

Milstone, Esposito, Gamble, and Hentz
Tom Burkhard, Karl Crawford, Waterman, and Clark
Pat and Doug Romero with Bob Jose Photo by Doug Romero
And we partied, or tried to, far into the night.
Here's the list of attendees. Here's a list of those who checked in but couldn't attend
  • Schulz
  • Hutchinson
  • Mordes
  • Poor
  • Waterman
  • Clark
  • Delaney
  • Mack
  • Romero
  • Sarris
  • Cherniavsky
  • Kneisel
  • Schulz
  • Seldon
  • Stocking
  • Lendler
  • Gamble
  • Milstone
  • Burkhard
  • Alderman
  • Hearn
  • Burwell
  • Braman
  • Connitt
  • DeMaio
  • Doob
  • Ewell
  • Fasanella
  • Gordon
  • Hadley
  • hearn
  • Kiputh
  • Kneisel
  • Kurtz
  • Lopez
  • Nagle
  • O'Conell
  • Pulleyn
  • Ralph
  • Ross
  • von Wettburg
  • Walik
  • Wintsch
  • Wooding

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