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HGS '65 *** 25th Reunion!

Our 25th reunion was attended by about 20 classmates. We started out at Malone's Bar on a Friday night and continued through a celebratory dinner on Saturday evening. HGS '65 25th Reunion Group Photo

The image above was taken at Malone's (now defunct!). From left to right are: Jim Waterman, Dutch Schulz, Doug Romero, Rick Ross, Matt D'Alessio, John Mordes, Alan Milstone (barely visible in the back), Bob Seldon, Bill Sarris, Marc Lendler, Tom Delaney, and Hutch. Not in the photo but attending the Reunion were: John Braman, Gordon Clark, Bill Kneisel, Bob Jose, Hugh MacArthur, Dean Yimoyines, and John Cherniavsky.

This photo shows Marc Lendler with Alan Milstone, also at Malone's. Marc and Alan Milstone at our 25th reunion

More pictures are available and may be added..

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